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CCM pi location
spot the pi!

Here are the new feeds, from 27 November 2015.  You can play “spot the equipment” using the picture hints below if you like!  We have air temperature and humidity courtesy of a DHT22 sensor, and as an added bonus, we’re experimenting with placing a DS18B20 long lead temperature sensor against the north wall.

Christ Church Morningside Air Temperature

DHT22 at CCM
air temperature and humidity sensing

This feed gives the temperature at person-level in the nave, plus or minus 0.2C.  Straight lines are time periods of missing readings.  If you can’t see anything, mouse over the graph and try pressing D for day or M, for month. If you still can’t see anything, our equipment has been down for a month (!) and you may need to tweet us. You can mouse areas of the graph to see more detail.  For historical readings, scroll way down.


Temperature (degrees C)

Christ Church Morningside Relative Humidity

This graph is relative humidity (%RH), nominally to within 2% with a maximum error of 5%. We think the error is broader than this, up to 10% .  That’s still a normal error range for this kind of measurement (relative humidity is hard!), but enough that we intend to check against other instruments when we can.

Relative Humidity (%RH)

Christ Church Centre

And this one – when it’s plugged in – is the temperature in the Centre. We want to keep an eye on that while it’s in such heavy use, during their hall refurbishment.

Spot readings (to check instrumentation):

  • DHT22 60%, CMM80 65%, whirling hygrometer more like 78% (26 Nov 15)
  • DHT22 64%, CMM80 65% (27 Nov 15)
  • DHT22 61%, CMM80 53%, whirler 76% (27 Nov  15 eve)

Historical readings: (COMING SOON)

  • Jan-Feb 2015.  These may have used a box lid that only had air holes above the sensor, not a full cut out with the sensor poking out.    We aren’t sure whether that would have made them slow to respond to change or artificially low.
  • Aug-Oct 2015.  According to our tests, these are within 5-10% of the “ground truth”.

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