ILW 2016

HeatHack is back for Innovative Learning Week 2016, this time with two events!

School of HeatHack – build a community building
monitoring network

Want to practice your soldering skills, learn about how to monitor thermal comfort in a building, and help the local community? In this event, we’ll be using temperature and humidity sensors, microcontrollers, radios, and Raspberry Pis to build a monitoring network in a day. You can then follow our progress in using it to help community buildings solve their heating problems!

This event is suitable for attendees with at least some soldering experience.

Adventures in U-Values – Modelling Heat Loss is
Kid’s Stuff


Local churches need to understand where all their heating goes, and we’re going to show them! We’ll be using standard physics heat conduction equations to model St Columba’s by the Castle, a small (but perfectly-formed) church. Then come the wrinkles – what if a building isn’t heated enough to reach steady state? And what if community groups
can’t afford scientific kit – can they get some sense of the heat loss anyway? Last year’s design used balloons and fishing weights to assess draughts. We’ll bring essential items like ice lollies, bubbles, and parachute men for the ultimate design challenge.

It would be helpful if participants who are able could bring a laptop with them, since that will allow them to view and play with the model, but we will have some available on the day. If you wish to install software ahead, please check back closer to the time for the exact recommendations.

All welcome, including walk-ins, especially people from the community – we know you have trouble getting off work a full day!  Please just drop by – the schedule will give you an idea of what’s happening when.  If you tweet or email us by Wednesday, you should even get lunch.

NB:  There are two St Columba’s next to each other – don’t get confused!  For a sneak preview of the style of analysis, see Open Energy Monitor’s dynamic building model.