drains??? why care about them?

ccm-drains-1925-circled… because if they back up,  you end  up clearing very mucky stuff away from very expensive boilers, of course.

That was the problem back in 2012 when I looked up these Christ Church Morningside drainage records, anyway.  One of the access points is right next to their two boilers.  The ignition on one is still a bit touchy –  I guess they didn’t like what came up any better than I did!  At the time we wanted to know whether there was any connection to the drains out the back.  The answer appears to be “no”.

I just happened to be on site when two of their handiest volunteers were scratching their heads about a drain that had appeared suddenly at the house next door, and was delighted to be able to give them the map from a 1891 report  showing a disconnected trap at “Southville” – that’s the name of the house – discovered by smoke test.   I can’t guarantee the map is the same now, of course, but odds are what’s there is kind of similar.  It’d be fun to test it –  we have the smoke pens – but I wouldn’t do that without talking to the residents first!   The person next door had better luck. Maybe.  Their drains lasted until 1906, but then  they received the advice to have them renewed in heavy cast iron “as the ground is too shallow”.

drainmapWhen I downloaded what I could find, the Council had a website with scans of what I think were all of the historical inspection reports – associated with new buildings, but also with major works on old ones.  The one above  is from their original side building, which I think their older members refer to as the “Scout Hut”.   The  earliest one for this church is from 1916, when two toilets were installed, one of which is still in use.

They now have a more modern look and feel to their on-line drainage records.  Google Maps has had a tremendous impact on the world when you stop to think about it!  Sadly, the first one associated with this property now is 1967, when the drainage out the back was reconfigured to suit developments on that side of the building.  I’m sure the others still exist, though, if any other sites are wondering about theirs.

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