it’s kind of under control


At least, there is a top cut-out and control within a reasonable temperature band – just not the one that’s set on the thermostat, which I think they said is at 17.5 now!  Lots of models come with a behind the scenes display adjustment (“add or subtract this amount”)  but not this one; since some users feel the cold with their eyes, best to sort something.

And it’s a pretty mild  day – let’s look at that warm up, blown up.

extended-hall-blowupTarget is warm for 8:30 – I think we’ll be looking at some kind of smarter arrangement than always starting at the same time, and turning the boiler down a bit.  I spent part of the day digesting their full control requirements and reading instruction and installer manuals.  It’s a week bit tricky to get right, but we’ll need to come up with a proposal over the weekend.

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