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on tonight –

– and I think what I’ll do is bring along that phone/tablet app for us to look at, since at one point a good few people were interested in how that technology works. It’s really two apps – a really basic one for checking the internal weather conditions in a venue, and a little game about thermal comfort. I’ll need to remember the basics myself, but there’s always Google!

7:30 City of Edinburgh Methodist, in the basement –

…which reminds me, alerts –

Something about the building works at Christ Church tripped out their heating timeswitch and did a factory reset on it. I’m guessing there’s an internal battery that’s dead, as it’s relatively old. Unfortunately, it’s also a domestic model – and the defaults are for heating morning and evening. That’s a lot of gas to no effect – something we definitely want to avoid!
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HeatHack cancelled tonight

With apologies, I’m unwell, and I won’t be able to make it out.  On the other hand, I am working on getting the SD cards set up with the upgraded Pi image so that our setups can handle being power-cycled.

And I’m also having Tim’s code teach me how services work, so I can make the same kind of set-up for our second image – the one for monitoring electricity usage (helpful for debugging the random spikes and high periods one gets in community buildings!) whether it’s one or three phase.