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this Tuesday – what’s the data tell us?

I think this Tuesday we should tackle our recurring question head on.  If we were recommending standard measurements that community buildings could get using HeatHack (or commercial) equipment, what would those measurements me, and how would we tell people to interpret them?  Yes, it’s time to think about what to tell the new HeatHack Cambridge – and  we can use it ourselves in planning for “Science in the Bleak Midwinter”, our new way of thinking about how to make sure the old Easter Vigil idea actually lands on decently horrid weather.  .Explaining how to figure out how much heat output there is in worship spaces is clearly going to be a key part of it!   On the side, I might muse about whether it’s time to choose an organizational status, and we can get the equipment ready because Dimitri and I hope to take a close look at some pipework.  Let me know whether that makes sense by any means that makes sense to you!

Christ Church hall monitoring

Poor Christ Church – they’re due to start a complete hall refit in just three weeks that will give them a new heating system, but meanwhile, it would cost £900 to stick their current boiler back up. To help them think about temporary heating requirements, here’s a live monitor –

The Child Care Commission minimum that applies to some of the space users is 16C, so that’s the minimum goal – more comfortable this time of year than in winter when the walls are cold, but that’s the way targets work; they’re never perfect! So the question is – how cold does it dip in their basement on dreich days such as this one?  There is a timeswitch that displays the temperature, but that always shows colder than any other location because of how its placed.  Besides, it’s not so convenient to go look at it.

I accidentally picked up a second temperature sensor for the east position that needs a bit of attention – we should swap in another one just in case anything happens to the west one, especially in this particular hall there’s No Place To Hide.    Fiddly fingers abound!   I’m just looking through my past notes on this one to see if I can come up with some estimate of supplementary heat requirements short of the full radiator output, since that would be, I’d guess, 12-16 kW.  Upstairs, fine – the wiring used to supply 10 kW of lighting alone.  In the hall, I’d guess, not so much.