Monthly Archives: May 2016

Tuesday – a focus on heat output

Tuesday night, we’ll be thinking again about St Columba’s by the Castle.  Iain’s looked up the data sheets on these radiators, and calculated the heat output in the church as 33 kW  – at least if this panelling allows enough airflow  (sostcs-radmething we’ll be scratching our heads about how to check!).   The question is this:  is that the right amount for the space?  We have quite a few bits and pieces now to think about – especially our experiences at other venues, Martin’s assessments of Christ Church Morningside, and  Dimitri’s model of this building.  We thought we’d just review the lot, reinforce what we’ve learned (or missed, in some cases), and think – how do we archive this and make it possible for other people to re-use in their cases?

City of Edinburgh Methodist Church, 7:30 – it’ll be small but I think very interesting.   I’ll bring along a monitor to make it easier to see.