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the next installment from St Columba’s

Iain’s been thinking hard about the St Columba’s system – here’s a different view of the system, this time for the circulation in the church system.  When you read it, remember that the sensors are strapped to the outside of the pipes.  In St Peters, we didn’t get different readings on the flow and return because they were close together – so I probably wouldn’t take the return temperature here too seriously.

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St Columba’s – new field test

stcs-radIf you remember, St Columba’s by the Castle has an interesting arrangement of modern radiators with nicely decorative wood surrounds that probably also nicely obstruct the airflow that’s required to make them shed their heat by convection. It’s a bit hard to devise quick anemometry to test this, so they’re thinking – what can we do with the equipment we have to hand? And what else could improve the heat output, apart from adding more radiators? In Christ Church, we’ve often wondered how we can tell if the circulation is so fast it bypasses their old-style radiators – or so slow that it takes forever to reach them.

We may try a few things – possibly limited by what we can reach without destroying the wood! – but what we have for the moment is temperature sensors attached to the top and bottom of three radiators on the north side.
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