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HeatHack goes East…

… or should that be Eesti?

Yes, I’m going to Estonia to give a lecture about the explorations of the murkier parts of church buildings that led me to start up  HeatHack – as part of BuildIT 2016, about smart house technologies, and run by, <gasp/>,  civil engineers.    And to top it all off, I even get to send a delegation of Edinburgh University students to meet their Estonian counterparts.  The abstract’s below, for the academically inclined.  I was pleased to discover that in the organizer’s shorter version, my approach (i.e., HeatHack itself) is described as “unorthodox”!  There must be a Scientists in Congregations joke in there somewhere…

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tomorrow night – School of HeatHack returns

Sadly, I don’t even have my trip report out yet – but we had a full house of keen solderers on Monday who (after some early frustration!) even mastered the use of veroboard.  They constructed working, tested, HeatHack humidity sensing boards, stuck headers on Jeenodes, assembled battery packs and then had to leave just before we could show them everything working together on a webserver.  There was a general “hurray”, but also “awwwww” all round.

At least a couple of the students wanted to come out Tuesday night and see it all in operation – so that’s what we’ll be doing.   Same venue, different room – we’ll be in the basement.  You can ask the janitor on duty for help if we lose you!

  • City of Edinburgh Methodist Church, 25 Nicolson Square, Edinburgh EH8 9BX
  • Tuesday, 23 Feb 16 at 19:30 (and, as it usually works out, not a moment before)

See you there.  Old friends, new friends, and strangers all most welcome.  We’re well equipped now thanks to you – and with a queue of buildings waiting to be investigated.

Adventures in U-Values – the day in more detail

Thursday’s delight is “Adventures in U-Values:  Modelling Heat Loss is Kid’s Stuff”.  Like for School of HeatHack, laptops are optional – but in this case, whether you want one or not will depend on your finger dexterity.    Dimitri’s finalizing his modelling techniques and the trickery will all be done in Excel and shared in Google Docs – link still to arrive.  Here’s what we’ve said before about the event, and what we plan for the day.

All welcome, including walk-ins, especially people from the community – we know you have trouble getting off work a full day!  Please just drop by – the schedule will give you an idea of what’s happening when.  If you tweet or email us by Wednesday, you should even get lunch.

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School of HeatHack – here’s the plan

We seem to have migrated to “Just In Time” project management – but here, finally, is the plan for the day.  Laptops turn out to be more optional than we thought!  However, if you want to pore over the software at length, please bring a laptop with the Arduino IDE installed, and consider downloading our code ahead of the event.

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