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Christ Church boiler circulation test

Christ Church Morningside Boiler Circulation Test

We think that the circulation in Christ Church may be more sluggish than last year, so this temporary test is to find out why. Last week, we ran from 11 pm even though it was forecast for 5C out – and only got to 13C inside, which is suspicious. We’re divided about whether it’s just the wetness of this winter – this test is all about finding out whether there’s a deeper new problem.

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Tuesday – preparing for our next deployment

I’m just thinking about Tuesday night’s session.  Yes, I want to take advice on powering the flash camera – I do think we’ll end up needing it, and possibly needing it configurable for power input to the light and how beefy a light is attached.  But we also have our ways of getting around dodgy wireless ready to try, and they could be handy when I visit Selkirk on Thursday to put monitoring equipment in there.  So here’s the plan…

Tuesday, 7:30 in the Methodist church basement, 25 Nicolson Square –

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more thoughts on the CCM puzzler

As well as the occasional boiler overheat, this year Christ Church Morningside hasn’t been getting the same rise in air temperature as usual.  We have a rule of thumb for how to set the timeswitch given the weather, and it’s hard to tell, but it might be down by as much as a third.   Back in November we had put that down to the rotten summer – those stone walls can store a lot of heat – but with the mild December, I’m no longer convinced. So let’s add some easy diagnostics.

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finished my homework

I’ve done almost all the soldering in preparation for Tuesday the 12th, if we decide to finish the meter camera as a group.   It just needs the power sorted, but I have all the bits we could want for that.  photo-flash Or we could just decide about the rest of the build, and move on to solutions for getting around wireless blackspots…

Now edited, with major corrections as per Tim’s comments…

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