Monthly Archives: November 2015

a new direction for Tuesday night –

As our ardent Twitter followers will know, we’ve finished the bike wheel!  Too late for 50 Shades of Green, our original target date, but better late than never.  We’ll be showing it at the Museum of Scotland on 24 November, during an event rather grandly called “Citizen Science for Community Engagement”. Get in touch if you fancy being behind the stall instead of looking at it from the other side – I’ll be there, but it’s always fun to have people around.

So it’s upwards and onwards for our Tuesday night sessions (next one tomorrow – 7:30, Methodist Church, 25 Nicolson Square, as usual.) The consensus seems to be using them to help towards the “grand plan”. I’m hoping to have time to make what the grand plan is a bit clearer this week since it’s not doing anyone much good if it’s trapped in my head! Meanwhile, part of it is releasing high quality instructions that anyone can follow to build up our designs.  As part of that, we’ll be looking back at Tim’s excellent current materials for the temperature and humidity board and breaking that down into steps, photographing each one as we go.  And then thinking what we should say about Jeenode construction to make it so that followers don’t have to know everything there is to know about them but get a good battery connection, and so on.

I say “we”, but, unfortunately for me, I mean “you” – I will wish you all the best over my elevenses in Seattle.