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another session

… and we’re still pressing on with the bike wheel. We’ll quick explain why my choice of resistor location is wrong, and where they should really go – and then set to work on two fronts, just like last time. I’m going to set up ahead this time, and with the supplies already found and cut and assembly part done, it should go much faster.

A warm welcome to any newcomers – City of Edinburgh Methodist Church, 25 Nicolson Square, in the basement or enter at the ground floor if the basement door is closed, 7:30. We’re still a bit in summer “ticking-over” mode while we finish this up, but there’s a good chance for us to meet each other and for us to see what we have in common.

And a reminder – if anyone wants to join me at Doors Open Day, 26 September, Christ Church Morningside, please do. Since they aren’t opening the tower, we’ve switched displays; people might not stop long enough to make an LED candle! We’re going to show our replication of Tim’s excellent temperature reactive lamp, plus a slideshow, and give a general explanation of their highly entertaining heating arrangements for anyone who wants it.   We’re also very pleased that Lou will be able to fly the flag for us (or at least the wheel!) during 50 Shades of Green, at the Pearce Institute in Govan, on 6 October.  It looks fun – give their website a read!

progress on two fronts –

wheel-pseudocode-lowres – complete with pseudocode for humans,  to try to make sure we don’t hit any dead-ends in the assembly.

Last night we did half the sewing on the bicycle wheel fascia , finished the electronics design, and did half the soldering for the output (the multiplexed RGB LEDs).   We did get as far as remembering a camera! but action pictures?  Well, there might be some straggling in later on.

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sewing tonight!

Yes, Lou’s going to bring her sewing machine.  I know we said we’d do it separately, but between our lovely trip to Selkirk Parish Church and lots of other stuff besides, we’ve had plenty to get on with.    We’ll also complete more wiring on the wheel, I think – protoboard and soldering irons to the ready.  And then Jean will dash home and set up the humidity test comparison, so we know how to cut the box lids for St Columba’s!  Our reconnaissance visit is tomorrow – how time flies!

7:30, Tuesday 8 September, City of Edinburgh Methodist, in the basement – this time without the Fringe all around us.  New students arrive soon – do tell us if you have ideas about how to tell them that we’re fun!