Shrove Tuesday schedule

There are many people in the community interested in our Shrove Tuesday event who can’t come for the whole day.  Here’s our schedule for the day, which we hope will be of some help.  Last year’s event didn’t entirely run to schedule, but we will do our best!

Please register following the instructions on the event page especially if you want fed.

blood knot10:00 – arrival at Christ Church Morningside.  As people straggle in, we’ll be teaching them to tie blood knots and having them assemble their fishing balloons  for the first exercise.

At 10:10, Jean will give a crash introduction to church heating – those who need to know more can take away a copy of Bordass and Bemrose.  She’ll also sketch what we’ll be doing for the day and introduce our low-tech 3D modelling technique.

At 10:30, Dimitri will demonstrate the correct use of a hot wire anemometer, and Jean will explain how to take qualitative air speed readings using the fishing balloons.  This part may take some experimentation! Then we’ll be splitting into zones and marking air speeds and directions on the 3D model.   There may be the chance for people who are brave to assist in taking readings in our interesting, but scary, organ chamber.    We think we’ll see a classic air movement pattern in the nave – that’s the main body of the church – but what happens in the fancy area up the front?

Jeenode micro temperature sensing, and programmerAt 12:00, we’ll move into one of the two halls – either visible through the plate glass window in the modern building out the back, or through a door under the church at the very back end.  Tim will explain the electronics that we’ll be using for the temperature sensing.  For those most interested, there will be plenty of opportunities for pick his brain over lunch!  Lunch is also the opportunity to use a sling psychrometer, understand what thermal imaging cameras do, and assemble a sensing balloon cluster for the next exercise.  We also expect to meet the blimp.  We’re still not guaranteeing it will actually fly, but we know many people are interested in talking to Martin about the challenges behind  this complex construction.

By 14:00, we’ll be back in the main space and taking temperature measurements.  This will start with Jean and Dimitri demonstrating the correct health and safety procedure.  After a knot inspection, we’ll take and mark the measurements at a range of heights using our 3D model.  We’ve left half an hour from 15:30 for trying the blimp, or possibly a competition in the main space involving a different kind of fishing equipment.  It’s possible we’ll try to fly the blimp early if it’s filled so that we don’t leak too much of the helium.  We’ll try to tweet it a little ahead if anyone is hoping to catch it.

We’ve told observers and friends to arrive at 16:00 for 16:30 if they want pancakes.  We’ll bring the model and balloon clusters to the hall under the church, but some people may want to demonstrate some of the things we’ve learned to use!  If the competition doesn’t happen upstairs, we have a simpler version of it in mind for during pancakes.  The day officially closes at 17:00 but some of the organizers are sure to be there a bit longer – as long as we remember that the next group comes in  at 18:00.




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