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It may not look like much…

Time lapse capture system
Time lapse capture system

… but it is Heathack’s first live system!

We’ll be one of the users of the rather wonderful cavern-with-windows that is the old Methodist cafe in Nicolson Square – it’s a bit of a jumble at the moment, though!  The Methodists are just about to have a good sort out and give it a lick of paint.  Jean has previously done time-lapse photography of boilers under low lighting conditions to find out when they’re actually running using a Raspberry Pi with a “noir” infrared camera, so we thought we’d try that here to watch the transformation.  It’s taking a picture every half hour, and they look like this:

Our wonderful home (or half of it, anyway)

It’s a big room, so we can’t get the whole thing – but it’s not at all bad for a camera that’s not designed for the purpose.  We’re not into spying, so the pictures aren’t going to the internet, just to an SD card.  We’ll be telling the tidiers it’s there, and hanging a shroud over it while they work or blanking out their pictures,  if they wish.   Jean has never tried to  leave the camera up more than overnight, so it’s also useful for us.   If it works, great, and if it falls over, then we know there’s stuff to do before we rely on it for studying a heating system.

hackerspace nights

We’re starting to plan our diaries for when we launch HeatHack.  We intend to run hackerspaces on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at City of Edinburgh Methodist Church, starting at 19:30.  We’ll begin and start publicizing our Open Nights properly as soon as we’re set up with enough equipment and space, and certainly by September.  Save telec-kithese dates now!

Lou and Jean are actually already starting to meet to hack together, just to make sure we have our heads round what these sessions might be like.    If you’re already a friend of Heathack, we can manage having a few people around without things descending into chaos – tell us if you want to start early.

Heat Hack is go!

We’ll be posting news here very soon on how you can get involved in our heat hack project, because, excitingly, we’ve had the fantastic news that we’ve got funding to start up our Edinburgh-based operations.

In the meantime …. here’s Jean’s logo idea created by designer and hacker Lou!